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  1. Sending alarms with NA panel

    Thank you. I think I forgot the ' or something  
  2. Sending alarms with NA panel

    I need the Send Email function to work, but I'm a Sysmac newbie, so I cant figure out how to declare the variables. I'm guessing I need to use inline Structured text? But When I try that I can't figure out how to enter the values correct. I don't know how to describe my problem so please look at the attached image.      
  3. Hello. Im working hard preparing for my final examination as an electrician. My project run on the omron NX1P2. While I was trying to figure out why my program wasn't behaving as I expected I disconnected the power, figuring maybe it needed a restart. So sysmac crashed on my PC, and when I try to transfer my project from the PLC sysmac say nothing to update. Shouldn't the NX1P2 remember my program after a power "failure" ? School is closed for the weekend so I can't work with the PLC before Monday. If the PLC somehow lost my program, is there any chance to restore from a temp. auto save or something? I think Omrons definition of download and upload is a little confusing. When I transfer from my PC to the PLC sysmac show a download message. In my head from PC to PLC is upload, by maybe that is just me.... So on monday if I try sysmac backup feature should i backup or restore the PLC? Im guessing its backup, but I would like to know for sure. Any help would be very appreciated. I have been working 10-12 hours for a week and if I cant restore my program I will most likely fail my exam, so please help me.