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  1. Good day, how can I send string data by buil-in ethernet. Maybe word 'TRIGGER,?
  2. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    Fx5-enet/ip on Mitsubishi pages, the first device send bits start u1/g60000 and get hits on u1/g12000
  3. Good day, I need help, how I read data from Balluff BVS001C Identification over ethernet? Thx a lot
  4. FX5U ENET/IP communication with EX260-SEN1

    Thank you for your reply, I read your topics before, and now when you say me about buffer variables I read a documentation  about fx5 enet/ip module and all is running perfectly. Tnx a lot
  5. Good day, I have Mitsubishi SN 18xxxxx with new firmware 1.111 and attached FX5-ENET/IP module to communicate with SMC EX260-SEN1, have you any example how send data into SMC over Ethernet/IP? Thanx for reply
  6. FX5U and SMC EX260 built in ethernet

    I have now a ENET-IP module with new PLC and Can you help me, how to send data to switch any solenoid? What can i do dont work
  7. FX5U and SMC EX260 built in ethernet

    Thank for your reply, you are true, Mitsubishi said the same 
  8. Good day, I am new in mitsubishi and have a question about how build built in ethernet communication on fx5u fw 1.050 gx3 1.047 with smc ex260 sen1, where i need send 2 bytes and receive 4 bytes can u help me? I try to send data with this format 2#0000000100000001 and send by Ethernet Active Tcp connection library where I have added the external device configuration ip and port SMC EX260 SEN1, I think I needed use a CIP protocol and port 44818 or Ethernet/ip, maybe I need add a ENET module to use this communication between my devices? Thanks a lot for answers