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  1. NX1P2 to Indusoft communication

    I used OMRON driver, in station put IP address (Example:, I/O address (Example: D100:INT) and it worked in my case. 
  2. Machine Edition View for Quick Panel

    Thank you very much Steve.
  3. Machine Edition View for Quick Panel

    Hi guys, I hope you still alive. Does somebody still have Quick Designer software? I have one Quick Panel Jr. (QPJ2D10L2P), but on the site all screens are Omron (and I multiple options in spare), so main idea to convert Quick Panel to Omron.  What I did? I found that program from Quick Designer can be converted to Proficy Machine Edition. I found this software and tried, but I have Error 12021: "Selected project file was created in QuickDesigner prior to version 3.2. Only project created in Quick Designer 3.2 or later are valid". I believe that here no direct convention from Quick Panel to Omron, so I just want to open project from Quick Panel in Proficy ME, and manually  recreate same for Omron.  Maybe somebody can open this project in Quick Designer and save in Quick Designer 3.2 or higher version. So I can migrate it to Proficy ME. Please help guys.