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  1. Connecting Cognex Camera to Controllogix

    I was able to update my ENBT. But it only fixed part of the problem. I'm no longer getting the mismatch error but I am still getting the time out error from the cognex module. 
  2. Hey all, I'm trying to connect a Cognex camera to my V16 Controllogix. Problem is, I keep getting I/O Not Responding issues. The module fault on my 1756-ENBT is "(Code 16#0116) Electronic Keying Mismatch: Major and/or Minor revision invalid or incorrect," and both the Ethernet and Camera in the device tree have the yellow exclamation point. From there I disabled keying, just to see what would happen. That particular fault went away from the Ethernet but now my Insight-7000 camera is faulting out with "(Code 16#0204) Connection Request Error: Connection request timed out."  I've tried rolling back my Insight Explorer to 4.9 and that didn't help, I also checked all my IPs and subnets, everything looks in order. Do you know if I need to update my Ethernet card as well? Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!
  3. Updating L55 Controller

    This is exactly what I needed to hear! Thanks for clearing all that up. I was especially concerned about the separate processor and memory updates, but if you've only updated the processor and memory still worked, I'm gonna go with that. 
  4. Updating L55 Controller

    Hey All, I want to update my Controllogix L55 but have some questions before I start messing with the firmware. To start off, this is the list of all the modules in my rack. Processor: 1756-L55/A v11.030 Expansion Memory: 1756-M13/A v(unknown, guessing the same as processor) Ethernet/IP: 1756-ENBT/A v1.1 Sercos: 1756-M08SE v11.007 Input: 1756-IB32/A v2.007 Output: 1756-OB32/A v2.004 As you can see, I'm currently at v11 and I have the option of updating to versions 15 or 16 (these are the software versions I have). So here are my questions: Rockwell download site shows version 16 firmware update as the only option, but the memory expansion shows all versions including 15 and 16. So, would I be correct in assuming that I need to update the L55 processor AND the M13 memory expansion to version 16? Next question. I recall reading that the Sercos module version needs to match that of the processor. This seems to be true as both my Sercos and processor are versions 11 at the moment. Again, would I be correct in assuming that the Sercos module needs to be updated to version 16 as well? Lastly, do I need to do anything else with any of the other modules? I would think the input and output modules are fine where they are but I was a little curious about the Ethernet/IP module.  Thanks for all the help guys!  
  5. Motion Instruction bits not clearing

    Thanks for pointing out that those bits don't actually reset until the prescan, I didn't notice that bit of information in the manuals. I think utilizing a ONS and the .EN will definitely help out with resetting those bits sooner. Thanks for the help and suggestions guys!
  6. I'm writing some simple motion control to run a servo linear actuator for school. I'm noticing that DN and PC bits are not clearing after performing the instruction and the rung goes false. So DN bits of MSO, MAH and MSF stay on as well as PC bits of MAM instructions. Is this normal? I'm using the PC bit of the MAM to step my state machine, but once it loops around to that step again, the PC bit is still true, seemingly causing some issues. Is this how they're suppose to act or do I need to manually clear them some how?   Thanks for the help!
  7. Sercos not connecting to Ultra3000

    Thanks for the welcome Daniel! Today I decided to start from scratch again and make a new project and re-add all the modules. I did everything you suggested, went through each step and menu slowly and everything checked out. But, amazingly I got it working! I'm not 100% sure what I did to make it work but I THINK I know.  Mind I'm dealing with version 11 with this Controllogix so a lot of the lay outs of menus and property windows aren't quite 100% the same. So when I follow tutorials I find online, things don't always match up as they would with a version 20+. With this version, under the axis properties, Drive and Motor are two separate tabs. I set the motor catalog number but I think my problem was I wasn't setting the drive catalog number on the Drive tab. I must have done it  quickly the first time around but didn't remember doing it the next day.  Fickle parameters! It always amazes me how you can spend an entire day and not figure something else, come in the next and boom, get it working.  Now that I have it up and going, time to teach myself some motion programming! Thanks for the reply and help!
  8. Hey all,For a school project I've been tasked with getting a ControlLogix, Ultra3000 and some servos that were donated up and running. Yesterday, I did this. All Ethernet/IP and Sercos indicator lights were displaying properly as well as the Ultra3000 was displaying a 4 on the segment display. I was even able to send a Reset Motion Direct Command (MAFR) to the drive with no errors. I didn't have the Enable Drive bit wired up so I wasn't able to move it, but I'm pretty confident it was working. Yesterday, I very hastly set up all the devices as I finally got the the version of software I needed installed and was limited on time. I was actually really surprised it all worked the first time as it was the first time I had ever done it. So today I decided to start a new project in RS5000 and add the output module so I could enable the drive. Only now, the Sercos won't connect to the Ultra3000. The CP indicator on the Sercos module goes as far as flashing red and green, which from what I can tell means "configuring nodes for communication." My drive is set as node 3 as well as in the RS5000. The drive's segment display gets to 3, which is "Drive is configuring device specific parameters," and then goes back to zero. The sequence is actually 0-1-0-1-2-3-0. The suggested fix in the manual is check to make sure your servo matches the catalog number in RS5000, and it does. The worst part is I didn't even save my set up from yesterday when it worked, in my haste I must not have hit save. So I can't really cross check what I did then and what I'm doing now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!