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  1. Mitsubishi 2401 File set error Q2ASH

    collinsd70 Thank`s, i`m trying and all is good!!
  2. Hi to all! We have a problem with starting CPU. In GX Developer we click "Diagnostics" and see Error 2401 File set Error. What causes this error? Error code list[Error code 2401] Applicable machine    QnA series PLC ===================================================================================== Error code(SD0)    2401 Error message    FILE SET ERROR Common information(SD5-12)    File name Individual information(SD13-20)    Parameter No. LED status(RUN)    OFF LED status(ERROR)    Flashing PLC operating state    Stop Diagnostics timing    At power ON & reset Error description & cause File designated for the fault history file (PLC RAS parameter setting), etc., cannot be created. Corrective action Read out the error individual information to a peripheral device, and check/correct the drive name and file name corresponding to that information(parameter No.) Check the memory card’s remaining memory area.