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  1. Hi kraykov, no the PLC has no memory extension.
  2. Can you show me what a "dummy" coil looks like? To test this.   Thank you for helping me guys.
  3. Yes the machines are working correctly. we have read the program on both machines the result is identically! The medoc version is 2.40 -------------------------------- i have imported the program from medoc into gx the yellow lines at the end are not available here.
  4. And this message comes after saving:
  5. Hello @kraykov, thank you for your answer.   1.I have changed the view on the instruction list  (under the menu "convert" all is grey)   2. all yellow lines are now at the end of the program     The program check finds the following if I leave all checkboxes selected:        
  6. Hello community, I'm trying to create a backup of a PLC where unfortunately there is no backup anymore, before the two still working PLCs suffer a defect I would like to backup the program. Devices to read out: Notebook with Windows NT SC-09 Cable Software on the device: - Melsec Medoc - GX IEC Developer - GX Developer Problem: Each of the software downloads the program. The GX software shows a complete transfer, so far as good. Only if you want to write this program on a new A2AS-CPU-S30 is it not possible to compile it and after a "Program Check" you have to execute incomplete program lines are displayed (GX yellow lines which are not connected to the end and IEC red lines). Medoc says "Illegal instruction" after the transfer, but is the only software that can write the program back if you skip the verification, but unfortunately the program does not work properly. I've been stuck here for quite some time now. Do any of you have any idea why? It was always read directly at the CPU, what else is noticeable is that the MAC-90 displays "A3A" as PLC. Examples for the missing areas: