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  1. Hi all, We have a Flocculant plant which uses S7-1215c plcs. I am creating a HMI/SCADA interface using Wonderware Intouch to communicate with the plant over the network. We have a few control valves we want to control from the HMI in the control room. For some reason I can't figure out what the Item name for an element on the tag is. The valve data block is an instance of a functional block, which links to a global data block, where the (automatic_mode, manual_mode) is located and this is where the tag on the valve plc references too according to the spec sheets we received. The problem is this Global block is used for 4 different valves, 2 dosing pumps and a transfer pump, and according to the spec sheet, the reference tag for all the different instruments is the same.  How do I distinguish between the different instruments in Wonderware? I am able to connect to the Global manual/automatic_mode and the connection is healthy. But surely I can't use this item name for all the different instruments, because we want to be able to control the instruments individually. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Kind regards Juan Booysen