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  1. Portal Comm Issues

    I have an 840Dsl with a built in 317F-3 PN/DP CPU. I cannot get my laptop to communicate plugging into the Profinet. I can get it to work with my laptop that has only Step 7, but not with my laptop that has TIA Portal 14 with S7 5.5.4. Is there something I need to do with the new software to enable communication?   I also get the error in the attached picture when I boot up. Not sure if this is causing the issue.   Thanks for any help!
  2. 0i-TD PMC ladder help

    I'm having trouble figuring out how to program a counter in PMC Ladder. I've found CTR in the manual, but it looks like to have a preset value, that number has to be set somewhere else. I just want a counter that will turn on an output when it gets to 3. I can see how to make it count up/down and reset it, but I can't find where you set the preset value of the counter. I realize this may be a very dumb question. Thanks for any help!