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  1. Mitsubishi GX Works on a VM

    I tried the USB cable connection and it will work, but is incredibly slow (12 min before it starts to read from PLC).  Anybody have any ideas as to why GX Works has connection issues running on a VM? 
  2. Mitsubishi GX Works on a VM

    Can't use the built in NIC because I need the port info (for the comm setup) to be forwarded over RDP.
  3. Mitsubishi GX Works on a VM

    No known conflicts.  RSLinx isn't running.  The USB port is functional because I can ping the PLC, and it does show up in the find CPU.  I've worked with the software a few years so I know the typical comm conflict issues and I'm not seeing those.  It crawls when I go to do a connection test, but eventually says it does connect after about 20 seconds.  When I go to upload it timesout and fails.
  4. Mitsubishi GX Works on a VM

    Also, it pops up when I use the Find CPU within the connection settings.  
  5. Mitsubishi GX Works on a VM

    The USB to ethernet adapter is plugged into the laptop, taking the ethernet PLC connection to USB on the laptop.  The VM OS is server 2012 R2.  Does not appear to be a driver issue as the device itself works (I can ping the PLC).  I can also use rockwell software with this same setup.  The driver is installed on both.
  6. Mitsubishi GX Works on a VM

    I am RDP'ng (from a laptop) into a VM (server 2012) that has the PLC software on it.  Drivers are loaded on the both.  The USB to ethernet adapter works with the software if I'm not within the VM (it's on other laptops).  The USB to ethernet adpater shows up in the VM with no conflicts or driver issues.  With the laptop RDP'ng into the VM, I am able to ping the PLC.  It doesn't appear to be the USB to ethernet adapter, or a driver issue. 
  7. Mitsubishi GX Works on a VM

    Hello, I have GX Works 2 installed on a VM.  I am using a USB to ethernet adapter on the PC that connects to the VM over an RDP session.  I can configure the USB to ethernet device IP, and ping the Mitsubishi Q PLC from the VM.  If I try to connect to the PLC using GX Works it moves slow, says it connects after about 20 seconds, but will not upload.  It makes me think that the software is not using the USB to ethernet device (at least initially because it say it does connect after a long delay), but the embedded one in the laptop.   Is there any way to select which card the software driver connects to (Like AB has in RSLinx)?   I need to use the USB to ethernet driver to forward info over RDP.   Thanks.