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  1. QJ71MB91

    have you ever tried this wasan will it work definitely?
  2. QJ71MB91

    Thanks wasan but as per manual it shows that it require GX configurator for modbus is it require also with gx works 2 ?
  3. QJ71MB91

    Hello All  Can anybody help me with the situation that i am trying to communicate the honeywell PID DC1040 series with mitshubishi QJ71MB91 modbus module i have my whole system configuration  is Q06UDVCPU my plc and 2 nos cc link module 1 nos ethernet module and than my modbus module QJ71MB91 and i am really stuck in this situation from past couple of days please help me to communicate my honeywell pid with the module if possible please share the sample programme and i am using GX works 2 software