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  1. Hello gentlemen,   Thanks for your help, I could fix it. It is working now in very nice way.
  2.  Thanks for your replying Mr. Eulno, How can I declare the motor and drive it by I/O signals of PLC?   I am trying a lot but I do not find any way.
  3. Hello guys, I have a project, it consists of PLC Omron (NX1P2-9024DT1) Sysmac studio program, and Festo servo motor. The motor driver is: CMMO-ST-C5-DIOP, and the gear is ELGR-TB-35-300-ST-E-FR. It is my first time to work on Omron, and I am very new on PLC world and I have no clue how to declare the servo on sysmac. I cannot find any help materials on youtube or google. Could you guys please help me with all the available you have, advises, tips, experience etc. anything.   Thanks in advance Moises