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  1. CP1L-M

    As gtsuport says, I make RS232 cable with pin out as attached file and used whit serial/USB converter. Finally connection PC>PLC was established, but... project is protected by password. So, now, next step is to contact company which made project for this PLC to get password.
  2. CP1L-M

    Hi. Already I done that, but its not going. Is there any trick for connecting PC to PLC, like dip switches (already SW4 was on during RS232 connection but no success). What is procedure for c connection, what is RS232 cable pin out, what cable I need to use?
  3. CP1L-M

    Hi gents. I am new at this forum. I need help for establish connection PC to CP1L-M. I try to connect whit normal USB cable but I can not establish connection. Driver for USB is installed and its visible in device manager when I connect USB cable PC to PLC. Also I try to connect via serial connection using RS232/USB converter but without success.  Is there any trick for establishing connection whit Omron CP1L-M PLC?