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  1. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Hello again Mr.Joe E! As mentioned yesterday, the IP address is finally static (even when the PLC is rebooted), which is progress. However, I am still trying to use the "weird" PC that does not have an Ethernet port. I believe my network adapter is set to the same subnet as PLC but the only thing I am missing is what you said " Set the USB network adapter to manually configured and give it a different IP address in the same subnet". Would you mind explaining to me how to do this? Any tutorials on this?  
  2. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Thank you brewer! Followed your instructions...but still doesn't make any difference. The PLC is working great and I do have connection and even ping. However, if I turn the PLC off, I lose my IP. This should not happen, right? Don't know what else to do.....Please help me! 
  3. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    As mentioned before....I have done it several times, clicking on disable BOOT/DHCP  and the PLC does keep the IP I assign,  as long as it is on; but, if I turn it off...it loses it. Do you know why this happens?  As regards the alternative method you mentioned, can you be a little bit more specific on how to do that with the keypad and LCD on the ML1100?   
  4. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Can you show me how, please? Pictures or a video-tutorial, maybe?
  5. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Thank for your response Joe. I made it work on 1 of the 2 PC's I'am working with.....and that is because my personal PC does have an Ethernet port.  The one that was provided at work does not have one, so I went to the store and grabbed an Ethernet to USB adapter, but I just doesn't work, no matter what I do. Do you know if this type of adapter is suitable for these kinds of appliances (PLC)?
  6. Configure MicroLogix 1100 with 1747-UIC

    Thank you for your reply pcmccartney1! I have had successful communication with the PLC by configuring  BootP-DHCP server, then through RsLynx and assigned an IP.  Went online and also downloaded programs to the PLC and worked perfectly....but if I turn off the PLC, the IP goes away and I have to do the whole process again! Do you know if there is solution for this problem? Since that is happening, I am trying with the  USB to DH485 1747-UIC , but evidently is not working.... 
  7. Hello guys, I'm new to the forum and pretty much a rookie in the PLC world. Am currently working on the MicroLogix 1100 and trying to establish communication via the USB to DH485 1747-UIC. I have watched a couple o videos on YouTube, like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSKZ8sS1-HM and also, tutorials like this one https://www.theautomationstore.com/how-to-configure-the-1747-uic/, but without success. Reviewing some information provided online, I came across the fact that this adapter is compatible  with the Allen Bradley SCL series.....but couldn't find out if it's compatible with the MicroLogix 1100. If this is not compatible, then which Ethernet-to-USB adapter do I need to use for my specific PLC? Thank you very much in advance for all of your help. Best regards, Jarib CS