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  1. 404 when trying to download updates

    What Browser are you using?  I have had trouble accessing their downloads while using internet explorer V9.   Have you tried firefox or chrome?
  2. SLC 5/04 timer pre

    If the number goes above 32767 a minor fault will occur.  This will throw the processor out of run mode.   To recover from the error, you need to make sure the high value is cleared, and then just reset or clear the fault.  This may only apply to counter and integer registries though. Checkout page 43 section 2-7
  3. Help with PLC communication basics

    I have only used Kepware OPC to pull info from PLC's That are not AB for FTView ME to run status displays. I would think a laptop running the kepware OPC server should get the data from the PLC to the Laptop in most cases. What kind of data are you wanting to read? I have ran into a few PLC's(mitsubishi q series) that do not like talking to kepware from their serial ports. Im not sure how this may affect it using ethernet though. Keep in mind that if you are using a Micrologix 1400 you will also need to buy a license for RS500 programing software, download and install to be able to connect to the PLC and program it.(if you know this already I apologize, it was not mentioned in your post)
  4. panel-view plus 600 HMI

    More than likely you will use Ethernet for PC Communication.  you will need to know the IP address of the panelview and set your PC IP address and subnet to match before you will be able to see the PV+ in Rslinx   Cancel
  5. Annoying problem in Logix5000

    In some way, shape, or form the program in the processor does not exactly match the program that is saved on your CPU.  Did you verify your changes while online with the processor and then exit the program without saving? I would save the copy that has the "applied changes" under a different name.  then go online using the "applied changes" program and see if the message appears again.  If not, you can compare the original program with the "applied changes" program and find out where the difference is.
  6. This could be nothing, but I have had occasions, especially using a UIC device. If RSLinxs classic is running, and RSLinxs Classic UIC Driver is running and you can see your PLC's in the RS Who window, Then I was never able to connect to them with RSLinx enterprise in Factory Talk.  I would have to stop the driver, and delete it for good measure(in RSLinx Classic), and then shutdown RSLinx Classic before Factory Talk would see the processor or tags.  Basically, if RSlinx Classic has control over a comport, it will not let any other program access it while it is running.
  7. I had never heard of velocio PLC's before.  Just did some research on them and those things look neat!  Looks like it could be a solid option for a smaller application.  Im sold, I am going to buy one for some home projects just to try it out. But I would be very hesitant about specifying it for a paid project at this time as well.
  8. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    The Download files are big.  but once you install support for a version, look it up in your control panel(add/remove programs) and see how big version support file is. Apologies for the poor picture quality. The support files for my studio versions are somewhat highlighted.
  9. Studio 5000 and different PLC versions

    Installing support for each individual version is around 500-600 MB.  Its the initial application that is so big. 
  10. PLC Law

    (PLC Law 7.2) Just because a Cable fits(or someone makes it fit) the port, doesn't mean it is the right cable for the application.  ie.  DH-485 in RJ-45 ethernet port.  Mitsubishi FX-series serial 232 in AB DH+ port.  (Trust me, it happens)
  11. SLC-500 Power Supply Short?

    In my early days, I unknowingly grabbed a crossover ethernet cable , then plugged it into a 1747-PIC and a SLC 5/03's DH-485 port.  It killed the power supply and erased the program.  We unseated and reseated the processor and power cycled the machine, reloaded the program and everything was good.  Even the DH-485 still works.
  12. Periodic Tasks Effects on Communication

    Thank you very much! Issue is resolved.  Reprioritizing and adjusting some of the periods cleared everything up.  For results see attached spreadsheet.  Time slice makeup.xlsx
  13. OK,  I have a program in a Control Logix 5561 controller(ver. 19.52) that every time we go online with it, the communication between the PLC and the PC running RS5000 is so slow you cannot navigate the program efficiently. I am new to this facility but I noticed the programmer used 20 different periodic tasks to organize their program, mostly running at 30ms intervals. several are set to 10ms and some are even set to 3ms. I have gone through and found out that the short interval tasks have been overlapped 10's of millions of times, and the combined total of all scan times is over 160ms. I have a strong feeling this could be causing our comms bog down and possibly other erratic behavior but would like a second opinion. This machine has 2 indexing dials, with work stations that do work between indexes, Pick and Place operations, etc.  Is there even a need to be running these with periodic tasks? All thoughts are appreciated. Thank you