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  1. Rslogix 500 ascii confusion

    Hi, Sorry for delay in reply.. I have been looking into this more but I still cant get my head around setting up ascii message instructions etc, all I can do is ask if anyone has a bit of time to look at the attachment above it will prob give you an idea of what I need.   many thanks    
  2. Rslogix 500 ascii confusion

    Hi all, I have a micrologix 1400 plc and an SIC E10 engraving machine. the engraver requires its marking info ( day/year/random sequential number etc) to be sent to it via rs232 connection. the manuals have nearly melted my brain and I have no clue how to convert and send this type of info via rs232. please help.   thanks       NOTPROTOE10V6US-R04.pdf
  3. logix 5000 hold function

    Hi Daniel, that's spot on thanks      
  4. logix 5000 hold function

    Hi, does anyone know of a function in rslogix 5000 or plc5 that I can use to hold a maximum analogue input value until reset, eg, pressure rising during a machine cycle upto 100+bar then drops of to 0 bar , I need to somehow hold the maximum value it reached in cycle until I reset. thanks