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  1. TIA V15 AnyPointer

    No,  this is my first TIA project from scratch. S5 / S7 no problem lol   The call passes the value of the anypointer from the FC to the FB and I can see the value passed is p#DB20.dbx0.0    if if you have a link to any docs on the optimisation that would help     Thanks   
  2. TIA V15 AnyPointer

    I have a strange anomaly with a piece of code that works fine with S7-300. In S7-1500 the pointer decides it's pointing to an Instance p#DB20.DIX0.0 BYTE 240 In S7-300 it points to P#DB20.DBX0.0 BYTE 240. Any ideas?   Thanks  
  3. S7-1518

    Turns out the Italians I am working for borrowed it from a Siemens Rep so who knows it's history. I thought it was new. New one on the way.   Thanks Anyway.  
  4. S7-1518

    Hi Daniel The PLC has been flashed to v2.6 by the automation dept prior to being passed to me.  The MMC was formatted in the PLC via TIA  V15 online diagnostics.  I can get online with no problem and the only diagnostic message is feeling me to put the mode selector in run. Which it is.    Thanks   Nick
  5. S7-1518

    Hello, I am new to the forum so I hope you will be gentle I have an S7-1518-4 PN/DP plc and am having big issues with it. It is new with a new 24mb MMC and I cannot get it to go into run at all. The MMC has been formatted and I have done a factory reset but even in this state the plc will not go into run as I would expect it to. Is there something I am missing  or should it run? It’s almost as if the mode selector isn’t functioning as if I go on line the diagnostics tell me the switch is always in the stop position.   Thanks   Nick