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  1. Hi! I could really need some help for setting up modbus communication. The plc is a CJ2M-CPU31, with a CJ1W-DRM21 unit. And i would like to connect and control a V1000 drive. I'm new to this so i'm going to continue to read up, but i could need a few tips and hints. I see some are using CX-Protocol, and some are using CX-Integrator. Why? Is it different methods to set up the communication protocoll with the drive? Is there a specific coil that is used to send the bit string from plc to the drive? I see some are using PMCR. Could TXD be used? Tips and tricks for where to start is much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. NS8 PT connecting problem

    The dip switch nr.5 was set OFF, and when setting it to ON, it worked. Using a Option Board if that has any influence Thanks for the help.
  3. NS8 PT connecting problem

    Hi, im trying to connect a NS8 with a CJ2M thru serial port, and after downloading both programs to PT and PLC, the screen is just showing ''connecting''. What could be wrong? See attached files for communication setups