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  1. Yes its an NA5, have seen in one omron guide now that they offer an app for iPads that's for remote viewing of the HMI. We're not going to use an iPad so we'll have to figure out a way to do this on a PC. Its a NX1P2 PLC
  2. Hi, Is it possible to mirror the HMI to a window or a program which we could run on a computer? We are thinking about using a VPN so we have the possibility to control the PLC from a different location.   And i'm also wondering if its possible to code javascript, PHP or similar in the PLC? We are thinking about getting the weather forecasts to help control the heater ovens in some industrial halls.     This is for a school project Thanks
  3. NS8 PT connecting problem

    The dip switch nr.5 was set OFF, and when setting it to ON, it worked. Using a Option Board if that has any influence Thanks for the help.
  4. NS8 PT connecting problem

    Hi, im trying to connect a NS8 with a CJ2M thru serial port, and after downloading both programs to PT and PLC, the screen is just showing ''connecting''. What could be wrong? See attached files for communication setups