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  1. Rice Lake 920i to S7-300

    Does anybody knows how to communicate the Rice Lake 920i-4B with an S7-300 PLC?  I need to get all the data from that weight scale and put it on my PLC and so in SCADA.  I tried to access it using a serial and connect it with Lantronix to convert it to ethernet, connect the ethernet to a switch and then to the PLC. I can see all the data I needed in puTTY and on irev4 using commands but I don't really know how can I put that in PLC. Thanks in advance!
  2. oh thank you, now it makes sense. i'd like to know if D0 and Z0 is just the same? I mean, are they just data registry? is the slash (/) on the rung is a NOT/Invert? 
  3. I know but migrating to Siemens is what the plant owner wants, not mine. If I would be the one to decide then I'd stay with Mitsubishi. 
  4. Hi! I'm working on migrating a project from Mitsubishi PLC to Siemens and having a hard time to convert some instructions and logic. Anyone here can explain what are these instructions? (attached photo) Can someone help me convert them into simple logic so I can write them to TIA? Thanks!
  5. Migrating to Siemens

    Hi everyone! Can someone share their ideas on how should I start migrating my Mitsubishi program to Siemens PLC? What are the key points do I need to keep in mind when doing migration? Thank you!
  6. Q64AD Configuration

    Hi everyone! I'm having a hard time looking for an easy way to understand on how to configure a Mitsubishi Q64AD for additional input parameters and how to know how many spare points or channels left. If anyone have experience on this stuff, please reply on this thread. Thanks.
  7. @Wasan thank you so much! I digged in to the system and found out that MX Sheet is disabled. I just enabled it back and everything is okay now. Thank you!  
  8. I am working with a Mitsubishi PLC in the plant and I need to get all the parameters and put it on Microsoft Office Excel. This is my first time to work with this old PLC, and doesn't have any idea on how to do it. I've been researching online and found that I needed some software's to download but those needs payment. Can anyone help me on this? TIA!
  9. String Input

    I managed to do it with a "CHAR" function in Excel. Thank you!
  10. String Input

    Hello everyone! I made an input on FactoryTalk View SE so the operator can encode the billet code. I am using 'STRING INPUT' because the Numeric Input  don't accept alphabets/letters. I monitored the tags and it was actually a success, but when I'm trying to paste it on EXCEL (with RSLinx DDE/OPC) it shows only numeric value. Is there a way to decode it to make it an alphabet/letters? PS. check the photos.  TIA
  11. reporting

    Hi! Can you explain what specific Reporting you want to do with FactoryTalk View SE?
  12. I need 6 REAL's to store to the FIFO and the NEWEST will always be on TOP. I am using Studio 5000 v30. Thank you!
  13. Thank you for helping! This is correct and I thought there's an instruction for this in function blocks since I have tried the MAVE instruction but that doesn't fit, I have also tried using the FFL instruction that copies the REAL data to the FIFO and it actually recorded the REAL data. BTW, I have other application for this in the plant. One scenario is, sometimes the charging stopped for a reason, is there a way to make the NEWEST to be the OLDEST? I am thinking of just moving the data based on a condition. Please send me your custom Add-On-Instructions. Thank you!
  14. Hi everyone! I am new with RSLogix 5000 I just need some help. Is there a function block in RSLogix5000 that can be use to store real values? I need it for this, when the 1st value comes in it will be saved and when the second value comes in it will only take place the 1st value but will no be erased and so on. Many thanks!