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  1. Communication problem : PLC, HMI and switch

    resolved!!   thanks
  2. hello! For a new project I configured a PLC ip to (made the ip configuration with the usb port) (compactlogix 1769), the PLC is connected to a HP switch,  communication seems ok the PanelView  plus ip is, (made the ip configuration directly on the pannel)  the HMI is connected to  the same switch,  communication seems ok and finally my laptop  ip is, and here is the problem, my laptop is not able to communicate witch the switch , any idea?? Thanks for looking
  3. How to move an Array ? (CompactLogix)

    Ohh! I see my mistake. thanks
  4. How to move an Array ? (CompactLogix)

      exactly what I need  b_carlton ,  Thanks!!!!   exactly Michael Lloyd but even if I specify the length the COPY fonction dont works
  5. How to move an Array ? (CompactLogix)

    the copy  (COP)  instruction only works if I move  one DINT  :   COP  Rrp1_close_time(0) to in_use_close_time(0) but if I try : COP  Rrp1_close_time  TO  in_use_close_time     =  I get an error.    
  6. hello! I create many Array (DINT[13])  to memorize the recipe data.  I need to move the entire content of the Array to another Array of the same type ( both are DINT(13) ) Do I really need to move only one data at the time like :  mov Rrp1_close_time(0) to in_use_close_time(0) mov Rcp_close_time(1) to in_use_close_time(1) .........   Thanks for looking
  7. thanks, problem resolved! 
  8. Thanks panic mode, I will add the structured text editor to my Studio 5000 mini edition then I will try this!
  9. hello! I create many DINT[13] data to memorize the recipe data. As the value can change (the operator will change the value of the recipe) how can I code to find the highest value in this 13 value ? I need to be sure to move the highest value to a timer.pre every scan. Thanks for looking