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  1. Panelview Plus Alarm display

    I am using two alarm history screens, one  display using "Alarm List" to display all alarms in the order they occurred, the other uses "Alarm Status List" to display how many times the same alarm occurred and how long it was active. I am reading the alarm message strings from the processor  This is my alarm setup."{[PLC]Flt.Trigger[0],L8}    2    /*S:0 {[PLC]Flt.Descriptions[1]}*/" . String message in PLC  "0 Banner Safety PLC Lockout Fault" Fault message displays correctly in the Alarm List screen, but displays "/*S:0 {[PLC]Flt.Descriptions[1]}*/" in the Alarm Status List screen. When I Test Application on my laptop everything works correctly displaying my string message. Also if I cycle power on the panelview and then go to my Alarm screens the both display the correct message.