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  1. read velocity from analog input

    solved with FB
  2. read velocity from analog input

    no I dont have any trouble with wiring,configuring and scaling. I need read velocitiy in mm per second range is about 500mm stroke range
  3. read velocity from analog input

    Hello! I need help how is easy way to read real velocitiy from analog input with potentiometer. I have CJ2M CPU and CJ1W-MAD42 analog module. Best Regards!
  4. data logging

    Hey guys! What is best way to save cycle statistic? I want to save last 500 cycles, each cycle data is 16 word length. I have CJ2M-Cpu32 and NB10 HMI. Best Regards
  5. FB ramp program

    Have anyone prepared FB with PID for ramp programming? I have CJ1G-CPU42H PLC example this ramp: ramp.xls
  6. CJ1W+TC101

    Great solution Geir :) I try this Thank you
  7. CJ1W+TC101

    amd how I do this? I cant write one PV to another PV
  8. CJ1W+TC101

    Can I connect one Pt100 sensor to two input on TC101 module? Because I need two loops for reverse operation (heating) and one loop for forward operation (cooling) and inside mould I have only two Pt100 sensors. One is need only for heating Any solution please. Best Regards
  9. sys-ad16

    Thank you, this help me. Best Regards
  10. sys-ad16

    Does anyone have manual for old omron AD conversion board SYS-AD16-0EE-I ? Thanks
  11. Freqrol U100

    Here is R,S - AC power input 220 VAC U,V,W - inverter output STF - forward rotation start STR - reverse rotation start SD - input common
  12. CQM1H CPU51 to excel

    I need this : when go input 0.00 ON send value from DM600 to exel to exel cell A1. Next time when is 0.00 ON send value from DM600 to cell A2. How I can to do this. I have CX-programmer 4.0 and CX server 2.1. sorry for my bad english.
  13. cqm1-ad042

    thanks for your support
  14. cqm1-ad042

    I need manual for cqm1-ad042 analog input module. I dont know how to set dip swich inside. Thank you
  15. emailed: Recommend an Omron Book?

    Here is one free online plc book: Introduction to PLC controllers link: