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  1. @Michael Lloyd on our system, we don't have a password and also on the button.  Thanks so much for your help.  Romain  
  2. @Michael Lloyd Hello! Thanks for your reply! What I understand is that there is a button that is visible and his function is aesthetic and the other one is the functional one (invisible). You can look on the picture to confirm we are talking about the same think! Even if I can click on the invisible one, it still doesn't open the code that I am trying to open. I don't think the problem is linked to the VBA code as I said.    
  3. First of all, thanks a lot for you fast replies! @pcmccartney1 I would like to know how do I know that my VBA code and my display are not set to open with the limits of the main window? I didn't touch the VBA code so the problem could be in the display. Do you know how I can my program pop in the visible display? @Michael Lloyd Yes it might be the problem! Do you think that putting it in the initial position could solve the problem? Otherwise how can I confirm that this is the problem and if it is how do I solve it? Is there any thread that already talked about this problem? Thanks a lot to both of you... Romain
  4. Hello everyone, My problem is that on my SCADA interface, I have a series of buttons that allows me to reach PID controller, but one of them is not working properly! I checked the VBA code behind the button and everything seems good, the problem seems to be related to the display of the button. The only thing I did was moving the button from it's initial position and now it's unable to open. In attachment there is a picture of the box explorer on the programming interface, RPchoose files... Click to choose files