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  1. s7 214

    See the following link for the S7-200 Manual: S7-200 Programmable Controller, CPU21x Page 10-21 explains the HSC instruction - these control the on-board high-speed counters.  Page 10-26 shows the I/O that are used by the HSCs.
  2. Convert PanelView .PBW file

    Any plans to upgrade the Panelview 1200?
  3. Linking Printer to S7 200

    You can connect a serial printer that can accept ASCII commands.  I would recommend having a CPU 226 XP that has two ports because you usually need one port for the printer and another one for the HMI and/or programming. The port on the CPU can be set to "Freeport" mode, which is generic serial communication.  The ports on the CPU are also RS-485, so to connect a printer with RS-232 you need a RS-232/Rs-485 converter.
  4. s7 214

    What's the part number of your CPU?
  5. Convert PanelView .PBW file

    Hmm, I  was able to open it in PanelBuilder 1400e ( I don't have 1200)... had an installation error on the software, but I was able to run it and print this report. ABWWTP_Report.pdf
  6. Communication via MPI

    You cannot have a ring layout in an MPI network. Only the beginning and end of a segment should have termination ON, the rest should be off. An MPI segment can only have a distance of 50 meters without a MPI/Profibus repeater.