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  1. SCL Code not working.

    OK Apparently the timers in TwinCat and Siemens work different.  In Siemens the timers run in a DB. So if the timer resets itself, the FB code will not catch the output on a scan.  So if I use the TimerOneShot.Q to reset til timer i will work fine. Best regards Jesper  
  2. SCL Code not working.

    Hi collinds70 Thanks for your reply.  Maybe i did not explain the problem correct.  The code is working fine, but the function is not working. Maybe the Timer or R_Trig works differently in TIA than TwinCat? When I test the timer it works, when I test the oneshot i works fine. But they do not work i combination.    I want the "Test" to increase by 1, every 2 second.  It is a bit frustrating that I can not get simple things like this to work i TIA, when it is no problem i TwinCat...
  3. SCL Code not working.

    Hello,  I am new to SCL programming in TIA Portal.  I have some experience in TwinCat3, but i have  difficulties getting som simpelt code to work in TIA.  This code works fine in TwinCat, but i does not work in TIA.  "Timer".TOF(IN:=NOT "Timer".Q, PT:=T#2s);  "TimerOneShot"(CLK := "Timer".Q); IF "TimerOneShot".Q THEN     "Test" := "Test" + 1; END_IF; Can anyone help me in the right track.... ??