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  1. There are several variants of hard-core lotions, but by my nature, I already understood that with a software solution, it would be easier and faster for me to solve the problem with monitoring the connection of the com port. You try to connect a couple of times with the help of serial port analyzer and you will understand what I am talking about.
  2. And you did not try to transfer signals and data using software and not a hardware solution? As it seemed to me programs that cope with the transfer of data that support som ports, can easily do this without additional hardware. This reduces the time and amount of work.
  3. Control Panel Builder

    Here http://engineering.electrical-equipment.org/electrical-distribution/panel-builders-are-all-cheaters.html is an interesting observation on the shield. The article is outdated, but it makes sense. By the way, how are things with the quality of products, work and payment? is everything comparable?