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  1. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

    I skipped from GX Developer to GX works so it was a big mystery to me for a while. If you find anything out it would be useful. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

    No that doesn't work either. I'd love to be able to import and export that easily. I might start a new thread about it.
  3. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

    Hmm That is a bit odd. I imported your FB into a new project but when I right click it I don't have the option to export it, as you can see in the screenshot. I wonder why that might be.
  4. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

    Yes I see exactly how it works thanks. I'm interested to now how you exported the block as an .ASC file as well.
  5. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

    One more question since we are talking about ZR registers. As I understand it they are the same as R registers. Is this correct?
  6. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

    Thanks for taking the time to do that Collins. The code works well  
  7. Mapping Device Bits into a Word

    Good Morning   I have a small problem that I’m hoping someone can help me resolve.   I want to take one byte of Data from a data structure and make it into an Integer   The 8 bits of data are stored as a bit array. I can use BITARR_TO_INT with no issues so long as the data is stored as Bits (M coils for example)   My problem is that the Data is stored in a ZR register bits 0-7.   So basically I need to read ZR62000.0 – ZR62000.7 into an integer. Is this possible?   Thanks for looking.