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  1. Micrologix1200 - unable to go online

    Hello, I found the solution. I shouldn't first connect to the ML1200 with RSLogix500. But open my programfile in RSLogix500 and upload it directly to the ML1200. I get the message that some kind of conversion needs to be done ( see screenshot). When I click apply the program is loaded into the ML1200. Still strange that I can't connect to an "empty" ML1200. Especially this one… all the others just went fine. Anyway thanks for your help.    
  2. Micrologix1200 - unable to go online

    Hello, I programmed several Micrologix 1200 (all the same version ) with RSLogix500 ( But the last one gives me an error message when trying to go online: Upload Failed! Decompiler -> Unknown error. I see the ML1200 in RSLinx and RSLogix500, the only difference is that is "untitled" (see attachement). Could that be the issue? I also toggled the COM push button, with noo result. Any help would be appreciated. I already browsed older topics on this site, but with no result. Regards, Natascha