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  1. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    Hello, Is the SCB as CP1W-CIF12 is ok for MODBUS with CJ2M-CPU35. Or I have to buy SCU for this CPU?? Thanks
  2. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    Thanks, Now I am understanding the flow... PMCR-->CX-PROTOCOL-->Sequence... Now I have some D area for MODBUS.. D0000 - No of words. D0001-Slave Address D0002 -Function Code D0003- Start Address D0004- No of words to read And D00100 is receive area..... Individual slaves are triggered by timer,it changes the common area for send and receive. Now one thing I don't know how to create message in CX-Protocol. Please reply  Thanks again for your support.....
  3. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    Hello Bob, Thanks for your support.... I have one question that can we use the PMCR instruction more than once means one for read and other for write.... Thanks
  4. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    Hello, Thanks for support. But how the CX-protocol file is made? how sequences run?  
  5. CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives

    Hello, I want to do communication between CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives. I am new to Omron.I searched the manuals regarding protocol macro.but it's bit confusing for me.please send if anybody have the sample program and document so that I can do it.Please support. Also I need to communicate Citect SCADA with CJ2M-CPU35 on Ethernet, please send me the documents if you have. Thanks
  6. RTU Modbus With CJ2M PLC and 3G3RX Drives on RS485

    Hello, Can you send me the sample project for protocol macro and CX-Protocol. I am using CJ2M-CPU35 and LS drives.