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  1. Back up problem

      Dear @Wasan, I tried doing this method but the cable (CS1W-CN226) wasn't compatible with my laptop so I used a converter to convert from "serial" terminal to USB but unfortunately when I tried to make the "back up"  it gave "communication fail" . I don't know how to solve this problem to be enabled to do this back up. when I connected it to laptop, first I let it to download the driver of the piece then I start trying to do the back up.   
  2. Back up problem

      Sorry for delay.. @gtsuport Yes, I put Dip switch 7 ON and I follow procedures  as per manual but back up didn't complete!  The mcpwr remain flashing and as per manual the back up was not completed.  
  3. Back up problem

    Thank you for your quick reply, but what about back up to cf card? It is already attached with.
  4. Back up problem

    Hi all experts, Really I don't have experience with plc's but I have an autoclave that controlled  by plc. Briefly, I need to do back up and restore  but some error happen while backing up I don't know!  Can you help me to do so?