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  1. Two outputs with two 1 hour timers

    Rolling another timer is not what I want since I want to display the time in a hmi. I will download gx work 3 and see if I can set my timer to 1hour. I want to count 60 minutes.I know how to do it but I don't know how to loop two counts. Start:Motor 1=ON for 60 minutes.After 60 minutes Motor 1=OFF and Motor 2=ON for 60 minutes,After 60 minutes again Motor 2=OFF and Motor 1=ON. This loop will work all the time until I press Stop and turn off both motors.    
  2. Two outputs with two 1 hour timers

    Hello guys. I am working on a project than controls two motors.I am using fx1 plc with gx developer.What I want to do is simple but I am stuck. I want to activate the first motor for 1 hour then  automatically deactivate the first motor and activate the second motor for 1 hour.After 1 hour again activate the first motor and deactivate the second.I want to do this loop until I press Stop and deactivate both. My problems: I fund a way to loop 2 timers and do the job great but gx developer don't let me set the timer up to k36000(1hour).Then I try The same method with counters.I am able now to count 1hour but with counters it won't do the loop now. Could you please help me anyone?