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  1. Siemens S7 1500 -1PN network

    Hi Joe, I did separate the network for the switch. if I plug port X1 and port X2 together onto both different segment, I am unable to online or even PING, once ne of the port is removed from either segment, I can ping the PLC. is it not possible to connect S7100 1513-1PN to connect to two different segment even if there are two ports? Much appreciate if anyone can help/     Regards, Luke Lor
  2. Siemens S7 1500 -1PN network

    HI all, I need some networking help here. Currently, I have configure my PLC Ethernet address as and follow by 17 other devices like drive and hmi ,... etc. under to I am required to communicate with a PC network to get some information. The PC is connected to another network using the same set of IP like the PC itself have many other devices, and might have IP crash, how can I separate both network so that when connected, the PC and its network can only see my PLC and not other devices?) for further information, I have two switches, one is PN switch that connect to all my devices connected at X1, and the other switch is to communicate with the PC X2. Please help. thanks.     Regards, Eferata