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  1. Advanced HMI to raspberry pi

    Hello everyone, was hoping I could find some help on here. I’m using a click plc for a home project to reuse rain water. And I was looking to find a free HMI software. Came across advanced hmi running through visual studio. Tried to load this on my raspberry pi 3 after building  it only to realize that it doesn’t work. I'm just trying to get an .net  application running on raspberrypi. Aka advanced hmi running on raspberrypi.  Communicating on modus TCP is there any way around this? Thanks for any help I’ve been stuck on this for a few days now. 
  2. Thanks, I did find the manuals and I'm at least able to make the drive run now so a be step forward. 
  3. Compact L43. Thanks a bunch for the information. I have run into one problem. When making the AOI It created the tags and logic for me under the AOI. How do I use those tags in my main Program Logic. Second do I need to stat it anywhere what size drive or does the logic not care? Thanks again.
  4. Hello everyone, To get straight to it, I have done simple programming with digital inputs and outputs but I have never programmed a PLC to VFD over Ethernet. I start to mess with it a bit and found out how to setup a Powerflex drive over the Ethernet, which was a lot easier then I thought it would be, but to make things more difficult they are wanting Allen Bradley PLC's with Yaskawa VDF's. I have no clue how to set this up over the Ethernet. Thanks again.
  5. Training

    I have one compactlogix CPU to practice with and they are wanting me to start switching over everything to Allen Bradley. 
  6. Training

    Allen Bradley, GE, Siemens, Automation direct(Direct Logic), DMM( Dynamic Motor Motion) I know there is one more PLC brand I have been told about but don't recall the name, and know they want to replace the two we have. I will find out. Thanks 
  7. Training

    Hello everyone,   I have recently started a new job and it turns out to be pretty heavy on the PLC's. The company uses about 6 different brands of PLC's and I have been doing ok at the job but I'm a little bit struggling to learn all this fast enough? Is there any online PLC classes/training that anyone would recommend? I have used PLC programs in the past to just troubleshoot now I'm being ask to write programs. I know this is a big opportunity to jump my career, I just want to succeed at it. Thanks 
  8. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    Ok thank you very much this gives me a lot more understanding to work with.
  9. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    Thanks Collinsd70,   So if the machine has the program in it, can I try and upload it through rs5000? or would that not compare and fault?  thanks again
  10. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    Thanks nehets,   I have went to Allen Bradley's website and went through there downloads and revision 21 is the lowest one for studio5000? Is there a way to convert the studio5000 file to rslogix 5000? To my understanding is that rslogix5000 stopped at revision 20 and studio5000 took over. Is this correct?
  11. Problems opening a file in studio5000

    Not sure if my company allows that type of information to be shared I will have to get back with you on sending the program. Thanks,
  12. Hello everyone, I have had to work on a new machine lately. I have the program on file in my laptop under Studio5000. When trying to just open the program if faults saying that( Logix Designer support for this revision is not installed: To open this project you must: Cancel and install Logix Designer support for firmware revision 20.01: Change the controller's revision and/or type in the project.) the controller I am trying to connect to is a CompactLogix5332E, type 1769-L32E. With Studio5000 I don't even have that option to choose that controller. So how is this project in Studio5000 when that controller in not even a option and studio5000 revisions start at 21. Any help is appreciated    Thanks, 
  13. Understanding MSO Instructions

    Not sure unless I just change it back. Sorry for not having more information this is my first time with Servo programming.The change I made. I clicked on the MSO instruction and went to homing tab and changed the homing mode from passive to active. By luck that made the servo ER clear. 
  14. Understanding MSO Instructions

    If I am looking at it right the number for Motion.MSO(0)ERR is 40.  Thanks for your help.
  15. Understanding MSO Instructions

    Where do I access the code for MSO.ER? Is it in the instruction settings itself?