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  1. Upload Program from A1SH PLC

    Thank for reply, I think it is Ok if I upload program from the system with unique A1SH CPU, but this system include a A7PUS and I don't know that does it matter? This is the first time I work with Mitsubishi PLC. Thank you.
  2. Upload Program from A1SH PLC

    Hi everyone, I am a newbie in Mitsubishi PLC. I have a problem with Uploading program from A1SH PLC. The old system with a A1SH PLC and A7PUS (See the picture is attacked). I want to ask that do i have to note anything when I use GX developer to upload the program in A1SH PLC (How steps I must perform, example: Power off, disassemble A7PUS, Power on, connect USB SC09 cable, online to upload, when upload ok power off, assemble A7PUS, power on and the system operates normal). Thank all.