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  1. Unknown symbol

    Greetings I'll try a different format. Charlie elect_symbol.doc
  2. Square D/symax

    Greetings from Northern Indiana: I am having great trouble with this post so I’ll write it elsewhere and copy and paste it. I have worked with Square D for many years and have received assistance from Square D Technical office in South Bend. Here is their phone number and the tech’s name. Steve Burcham Sq. D technical Office South Bend, Indiana (574) 674 8876 Good luck Charlie
  3. Sawmill Head Positioning

    Many thanks to each one who replied! I have found control packages on the net that are designed to control the saw head. I will research them and make a proposal to the owner if I feel it is worth the effort. The entire sawmill was (designed?) by the owner and his brother and neither has much metal fabricating experience. The hydraulics are the pits, leak city. Too many corners were cut during manufacture and it may never be right. Again, Thanks for your help.
  4. Sawmill Head Positioning

    I’m not sure where to post my question, since I’ll be using AB products, Ill post it here. Last year I wrote a program to control a sawmill and associated conveyors. To position the saw, it is raised and a step block is positioned and the saw lowered onto the correct step on the block. They are changing the method they use the saw and want to be able to position the saw anywhere between 0 inches to 24 inches above the log conveyor. What type on device should I be looking at to determine the position? The present PLC is a Micrologix 1500. Is this processor capable of controlling the position of the saw? My experience is in punch presses and I’m not familiar with this type of control. Your suggestions would be appreciated. Charlie
  5. Option To Using Panelview

    Thanks Ken: The LED device sounds the most promising. When you are dealing with farmers, most are not willing to invest in "Fancy Stuff". I'll check it out. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. Option To Using Panelview

    Recently I wrote a small perogram in a ML 1000 and had wanted to use a panelview to preset the timer values. The project is to replace an obsolete mechanical timer. The problem is that the panel view will not operate in low temperatures. Does any one know of a substitute that will not be temperature sensitive? Thanks
  7. Greetings again I have gotten my books together and the text we use is Technicians Guide to Programmable Controllers By Richard A. Cox You should be able to order this through one of the book stores. I don't have another copy available but if you want one and cannot find it, I may be able to get you a copy through the school. Another book I like is Micro Mentor by Rockwell/Allen Bradley. I searched their site and was not able to find it. I can give you copies of the material we use in the lab portion of the class. Let me know how I can help.
  8. Greetings: I have taught beginning PLC classes for a number of years. The suggestions given above are all good. Last winter I had a very serious heart attack and I'm not working now. I would be happy to share some of the programs we use in class with you. I don't have a great amount of time but someone had tio teach me and I'll try to help. Charlie
  9. Unknown symbol

    Can anyone identify the symbol in the attachment?  It is from the drawings on an Italian wood working machine.  I trust the file in the attachment is OK as I had a terrible time getting it attached. ---Well the file is no good.  It looks like a giant comma.  If some one would be so kind, I'll e-mail a DFX file of it to you for identification.  Thanks for your patience. ELECT_SYMBOL.DXF
  10. Siemens plc system

    Please check out this site
  11. Ab instruction use and examples

    Thanks Chris: How about it Mr. Moderator, Is there  or can we have a links page?
  12. Ab instruction use and examples

    Thanks Chris:
  13. Ab instruction use and examples

    I tried the site again at 2 AM.  Choose the command from the left hand side list.  Watch for the commands listed in a different color, click on them.  You may need to move down a good distance to see the programming example. I thought this site might be of interest to those with lesser experience. Have a GREAT HOLIDAY.  
  14. Here is the URL for a site that has a description of AB instructions and samples for you to consider. Charlie
  15. Square d

    Chris: If the cost would not be to great and shipping to expensive I might be interested.  This would make a great unit for the classes I teach.  If you don't need the book I sent, I would appreciate if you would return it as it is my only copy. Thanks, Im glad I was able to help in some way. Charlie