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  1. Codesys

    Hello - I stumbled across some mention of Codesys and was curious if anyone here uses it. Pros/cons? prefer it over other programming software. Have it downloading currently (since you can download a free variation of the application) but it looks quite interesting. Also - what PLC hardware is programmed with it? Did not see that mentioned on their website when I was browsing through.
  2. Weight Scale

    Hello - Not sure if this is the right place, I apologize if not. Just let me know if I need to move it and can delete and do so. But I am currently working on a project where I am collecting seeds (flower seeds, etc.) and when a certain weight limit is met I'll be turning off a vibratory bowl and opening a chute, etc. Looking for some ideas on the scale and how to do that process in particular. The smallest collection weight will be around 100mg, largest around 8g.  Mainly looking for ideas on the scale.  Thanks for any help/tips, much appreciate.
  3. Hello all - Wanted to check in and get some ideas on how everyone else out there stays organized with the various connectors, cables, etc. Currently I have been using a decent sized laptop backpack (keeping my laptop in there, spare battery and charger) along with various cables, connectors, external drive, CDs, screwdriver sets, wire crimps/strippers, etc. Seems though as I've been getting into different projects, different PLCs and such that the 'inventory' has been growing. Just wanted to hear others thoughts. Also, if you could maybe throw out your NEED TO CARRY items I'd be interested in what everyone else has to say. Sorry if this has been posted before or somewhere else. Thanks,  Kyle
  4. RSLinx

    Does ‘run as administrator’ get you any different result?
  5. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    I’ve done some minor programming projects (mostly conveyor systems). And wanted to tackle something new, so all the information/help everyone is providing is greatly appreciated!
  6. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    @kaiser_will thanks for the information; I’d prefer to go with pneumatic or electric controlled cylinder. Must press within a equal to or less than 0.5mm threshold, and will have various settings for stroke length (lets just say 3). So a selector switch to determine three various stroke length set points. Time allowance would not be hateful, whenever the operator is clear (at the proper operating station) to hit the cycle button the cylinder extends to x length and retracts to ‘home position’/retracts. The servo cylinders seem ideal to allow better control from the information you provided, thanks.  
  7. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    @pcmccartney1 thanks for the link, very interesting and going to dive deeper into researching on those cylinders.
  8. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    I do not think the rodless cylinder would provide enough force at the end for this application? I could be wrong though, would have to investigate further.
  9. Controlling Cylinder Stroke Length

    @pop29684 1. I am open to options, would prefer to stay away from hydraulic though? It is being used in a food application and I feel like hydraulic leaks in the area would be bad.. This is my first project of this nature so really just trying to bounce ideas out there and get input from others with more knowledge than me, thanks
  10. Hello - I've recently started my adventure into PLC programming and I've found this site to be very helpful. I took on a project that requires control of a cylinder - the short and skinny is that the cylinder will have to provide position feedback and stroke to various set lengths determined by position of a selector switch. So - If position 1 is selected, the cylinder will stroke 20"inches. If Position 2 is selected, cylinder will stroke to 25"inches - so on and so on.   My questions is how to best go about this process. I may be having a brain-block and not viewing this clearly, but something is not clicking for me and wanted some advice. Planned on using Allen-Bradley's Micro850 PLC (had one on the shelf, and CCW software is free so why not). Thanks