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  1. Hey all, Was wondering if any one can help me think through a project! I come from the HVAC world, but pretty fresh in the industrial automation world. The site as follows 24X Growth ponds;  split into pairs (12X PLCs with IOs) Central processing plant Spread across 1sq km Each pond pair will have its own PLC and IO with basic controls and loops. Each pond relies upon the main plant, they are not independent system [require resources stored at the central plant] The control processes are slow, the fastest cycle time is around 45mins (with longest being weeks) - I'm not looking for fast response.   I know BACnet quiet well, is there any reason not to use it for a job like this? That way I can have a simple setup, and run Niagara ax for easy as reporting, alarming and remote access. Thanks for your time, any input would be appreciated :)