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  1. RSLOGIX 500

    One other observation is, when i try to look at the data monitor it pops up with a dialog box "processor contains no data files". I know the 1100 i am trying to connect to contains a program, because i connect and view the data with another computer, so i assume its an RSlinx issue.
  2. RSLOGIX 500

    I gave it a try and i am unable to view the data tables. Thanks,  Troy Johnson
  3. RSLOGIX 500

    Hello, I have a Windows 7 machine running RSlinx revision 2.59.00 and RSlogix 500 version 8.10. When i connect to the RS232 driver in linx i can see the Micrologix i am trying to connect to present, but when i try to connect with Comms, System comms i am unable to go online. When clicking on the online button the machine eventually times out with a "DiagnosticStatus failed: 0xFFFFFFFD" code. Anyone have any ideas what the issue might be. It is a Pro version of RSlogix if that makes any difference.   Thanks,   Troy Johnson.
  4. Simatic TI315 DR

    Thanks Fred. Appreciate the info. Troy Johnson.  
  5. Simatic TI315 DR

    Does anyone know what Siemens software a Simatic TI315 DR requires? Came across one today i need to dig into. Thanks, Troy Johnson  
  6. Workmaster not equal

    Thanks for the info Steve. I have the boat anchor with the little screen. I'll touch base with Automation direct. Appreciate the help.
  7. Workmaster not equal

    Yes, I can not extract the program. The L/S/V (Load Store Verify) function from the supervisor menu is how i am trying to upload the program from the PLC to the Workmaster. When i hit control-e to start the process, the process starts, blinks the word busy on the Workmaster screen, flashes com failed at the bottom right of the screen then says process aborted. The program is Logicmaster 1F Version 01.05 for the series one family. My PLC CPU is a Texas Instruments 330-37 model, but its compatible through cross reference with this software and the other connection components i mentioned previous. I suspect the not equal message at the top of the screen is the main obstacle. After i set up the communication from the scratch pad screen when i first start the workmaster, the status at the top right of the workmaster screen changes from no comm to run and the data light on the dcu starts to flash indicating that the cpu and workmaster are communicating. I hope thats makes more sense. I am kind of new to this. Thanks.
  8. Workmaster not equal

    I have a number of GE Series one PLC'S  that i would like to view the ladder from. I purchased a Wokrmaster, DCU, Adapter and all needed cables. I am able to connect using the L1F software. The Workmaster screen displays run in the upper left corner and i see the data light flashing on the DCU. When i try to load the program from the L/S/V screen, the screen shows busy the fails to load. I notice at the top of the screen the logic is not equal because the program in my PLC does not exist in the hard drive of my work master. Does anyone have any information how i might go about creating an equal condition so i can view the ladder logic? This would save a huge amount time verses using the handheld controller to view. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.