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  1. leon78, that's exactly what I was after. Thank you very much :)
  2. I have to check 1024 (sequential) bits for change of state in any of the bits and record which bit changed. I was going to do something like this: A = ARRAY[0..63] OF INT (gives me 1024 bits to check) B = ARRAY[0..63] OF INT (reference array to compare against) WordIndex = INT BitIndex = INT Res = INT (record bit location) FOR (WordIndex :=0 TO 63) DO    FOR (BitIndex :=0 TO 15) DO       IF A[WordIndex].[BitIndex] NE B[WordIndex].[BitIndex] THEN          B[WordIndex].[BitIndex] := A[WordIndex].[BitIndex];          Res := (WordIndex*16) + BitIndex;          (other stuff) ;       END_IF;    END_FOR; END_FOR; Only problem is that Unity won't let me reference the bits in the word like this. A[WordIndex].0 is fine, A[WordIndex].[BitIndex] is not. Is my syntax wrong or is this not possible?
  3. FIX32 ABR Gateway Config

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to configure ABR driver so that it can talk to PLC5 on DH+ via ControlLogix. In the ABR setup I put it to Gateway, In the gateway config popup, what does the RSLinx Device Name refer to? Should the DHRIO Slot Number be the slot in the CLX chassis? For the Channel Number, does 1 = A? Please help, I'm new to DH+ & FIX32.
  4. RXD Help

    ....and the rung... AlarmReply.cxr
  5. RXD Help

    Here's the comm port settings and the data that I recieve from modem through RXD's. D4500 is from the first RXD. In this case, it is mising 2 bytes. D4530 is from the second RXD. It has complete data D4470 was from a RXD earlier in the program, it is also missing 2 bytes I'm not sure how to post the rung, bear with me. As the baud rate is increased, more data is lost, including parts of the phone number the reply SMS was recieved from.
  6. RXD Help

    ...sigh.... You speak to the converted. But not everybody has the same view.
  7. RXD Help

    and also no SCU. Customer "why buy more hardware when there's a perfectly good serial port on the CPU? Make it work"
  8. RXD Help

    1) Not a chance of getting CX-Protocol to play with. Definite NO from boss 2) I have been monitoring the data. As posted above, the modem sends (at once) \r\n+CMGR:\s"REC\sREAD","+64274784120",,"05/05/18,14:20:02+48"\r\nHello\r\n\r\nOK\r\n I use 3 RXD's. The first to get the: \r\n+CMGR:\s"REC\sREAD","+64274784120",,"05/05/18,14:20:02+48"\r\n The second gets: Hello\r\n The third gets: \r\nOK\r\n The second and third RXD are OK, I get all the data. The first RXD gets rid of the initial \r\n and then stores the SMS details. My problem is that I lose some of the first bytes of the details. For now, it's not too much of a problem, but I wait to see what happens when I ramp the baud rate back up.
  9. RXD Help

    I found that if i used one RXD instruction, data was overwritten. e.g. wanted this: +CMGR: "REC UNREAD","+64274784120",,"05/05/20,14:21:29+48" and got this: test messageUNREAD","+64274784120",,"05/05/20,14:21:29+48"
  10. RXD Help

    Hi, Using A393, the Reception counter. I'm using this because I get a variable amount of data, but always with the end code of 0D0A. I believe the reason why I am losing data is because I am trying to use the RXD instruction several times within the same rung. Reason why I am doining this is because the modem sends (at once) e.g \r\n+CMGR:\s"REC\sREAD","+64274784120",,"05/05/18,14:20:02+48"\r\nHello\r\n\r\nOK\r\n I need to store the SMS details and the message in different locations, so i use 2 RXD's for this. 1st RXD (for details) loses some bytes. 2nd RXD (for message) is always fine. Slowly working thru this, but any ideas appreciated. Thanks, SarahC
  11. RXD Help

    Hi all, I'm using a CJ1G with a Maestro 100 GSM modem for call out txting. The modem's connected to the CPU RS232 port. When the modem recieves a txt, it sends e.g.: \r\n+CMTI:"SM",8\r\n To recieve this, I have to use 2 RXD's to get the string. The problem is: the 2nd RXD (to get the +CMTI:"SM",8) , dosn't always get the full string. I lose up to 4 words from the start of the string. I put the baud rate down to 4800, but I still lose 1-3 bytes. Very annoying. Anyone have some ideas on why this is happening? Thanks, Sarah