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  1. Simple PID explanation

    Dear Michael, May i know why the PID is not function when i set the SETPOINT value to negative ? (let say -55) thanks. Chou
  2. proface gp2300 hmi

    Dear Sir, I have save all the data from PROFACE GP2300 into the CF CARD. But can open only able to open the csv file use Excel. Now i want the data can view in trend graph. May i know how to convert this csv file to plot graph? Please advise. Thankyou. Charles
  3. Anyone who know where can download the PL7 programming operation manual? Please provde me the link. Thankyou.

    Please attach the manual book here. Thankyou.

    OK. The plc is RUN now. But after a few second, the RUN led is OFF and the CPU-E led is ON (red color). May i know what is this error? How to check the error? Please advise. Thankyou.

    Sorry. There is only one RUN terminal. other terminal near there is 24V=2 terminals, 0V=2 terminals, S/S=1 terminal. May i know which terminal should i short?

    Hi all, I have a problem why my plc cannot run? Is it the RUN terminal in the plc need to connect to any thing? Please advise. Thankyou
  8. SLC05/02 programming beginner

    Dear Sir, Please show me how to programme a STEP instruction using RSlogix500 on SLC05/02. I am fresh in this plc, can you give me some sample please.Programming Sample (Maybe your previous project) Thankyou.

    How can i poll the modbus address from the siemens S7-200 CPU224? The software i using is Step7 MicroWin V4.0. Is it any function need to be added? Please help. Thankyou.
  10. Io Bus Error

    What does it mean IO BUS ERROR? I cannot download my program in to plc because there is a io bus error. How can i solve this problem? Please help me to find out what happen. Thankyou. Hope to see your reply soon.
  11. Scaling- Scl(66)

    S= put ur analog i/p here 1st word=DM100 -------------DM100=0(bcd);DM101=0(hex);DM102=100(bcd);DM103=0FAD(hex) store=DM200 *that mean u will convert 0---0FAD(hex) to 0---100(bcd)
  12. how to use counter on S7 300?

    I have try to use CD counter to do it but it does not count correctly. For example, count from 20 then it will count 20,19,14,13,12,11,10........0 . Do u know wat happen? And when it is counting, i key in new PV after that when the counter reach 0 it need to reset the counter again but it will stop the plc. Please try to solve this problem for me. thanks.
  13. how to use counter on S7 300?

    Actually i want to build a change over function. Let say, if the countdown counter reach 0 then A is ON and B is OFF. For another counting cycle, B is ON and A is OFF. May i know there is function like TOTALIZER in the S7 program? thanks.
  14. how to use counter on S7 300?

    Dear Mr.PLC, Please tell me how to use count down counter to count a PV(let said 100), and i need to display the remaining time of the PV. After finish counting, the counter need to reset once a time. Hope i can have your help asap. Thanks.
  15. PID example

    TSX 3722 DMZ64DTK ASZ401