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  1. Yes,I am using a 1761 NET ENI series D  module with each processor . So how should I configure the NetEni module so as to get a proper communication?  
  2. Thanks for the details are like.. 1)Iam using two processors  1.SLC 5/03 L432E OS302FRN 10 &later which is having 16k memory 2.SLC 5/03 L533E OS302 FRN 10 & later which is having 32k memory 2)Catalog number:1747 L532 & 1747 L533 3)Iam using Ethernet protocol 4) currently it is running like RSView32 in pc1 & ftview in pc2 seeing same above processors. Even when Pc1 is turned off and using only Factory talk view,I can see both plcs in Factory talk linx,but online tags and graphics are available only for L532 processor.
  3. Hi sir, Iam facing an issue somewhat similar to what you got above.I was using Factory talk view 10.0,communicating with slc 5/03 processors via factory talk linx. Issue was like,only 16kL532) processor was showing online tags n data  getting into SCADA,for 32k processor (L533),i was able to see the plc node,but nothing coming to SCADA.I tried adding plcs manually n nothing happened. don't know what iam missing out. plz help me..
  4. Hi all, Does anybody have experienced problem with communication while connecting  32k and 16k plcs to same SCADA via factory talk linx?   Does anybody have got problem with communication while RSView32 and FTView were used simultaneously with same plcs in different pcs with different shortcut names?
  5. Factory Talk Linx 6.0

      Hi all, Iam currently working with a migration project from Rsview32 to FTView. I was able to convert the RSView32 SCADA to FTView successfully. Current scenario is like RSView32 (which was the existing pcs) SCADA is running in two stand alone PCs and Iam trying to line up the new Factory talk view SCADA in another system.Communication is taken from same ethernet switch to which all ethernet cables from 5PLCs in the field are terminated and from which RSView32 scada has taken itz communication. PLCs used there are 2 No.of  1747 L532E slc 5/03 OS302 Ser c Frn 10 & later and 3 Nos of 1747 L533E slc 5/03 OS302 aer c Frn 10 & later. communication taken via net eni (1761 NetEni) Ftview installed system is Windows 10 pro OS) Issue is while RSView32 scada is working properly, Factory talk view is not getting neither online tags nor able to play display for those linked with L533E processor.But everything is fine with L532E processor. I just tried with downloading L533E program to L532E processor and everything was getting. So am i missing something or what should i do to get proper communication with L533E processor.   plz help..Iam a beginner in this field.