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  1. Switch Superimposed Window

    I am exploring this option. Would I then set the Device say D1 to true in ladder logic, and on my form the part is tied to device D1. So if D1 then it would show Part1. I would like if option 1 then show part 1. If option 2 then part 2. If no option then show nothing. I only have these two options for now, but can see me using this in other applications where I want the superimpose window to show different things.
  2. Switch Superimposed Window

    Okay - here is something I have done. Under Environmental Setting, Screen Switching/Window. I set the device under Superimpose window to D120. I then use ladder logic to change D120 from 0, 18, 19 based on value in D121. If D121 = 1, then move 18 into D120. If D121=2 then move 19 into D120. Else move 0 into D120. 18 is the screen number for option 1. 19 is the screen number for option 2. There is no screen 0, so blank.
  3. Switch Superimposed Window

    Using GS2107, FX5U. I want to change the JPG image on a screen based on if the value in a text box is either 1 or 2, any other value will also have a single default image. Is there a way to do this via script? Or is there a different way?  
  4. BMOV block1 block2 n using labels & arrays

    Yeah, I got caught on a project - also completed the Simple Motion class in Vernon Hills, Illinois. I ended up using - String(9)(0..11) as my definition, and as I stated above why not 10 but 9 works. So yes the code is working. Looking to try and have a superimposed screen switch from one image to the next using script so I can have it based on a value in a text box.
  5. BMOV block1 block2 n using labels & arrays

    Thank you for your help. I have learned much. When creating a lable like MyText, String(10)(0..11), assigned to device D425 and then I watch MyText[0], the device is D425. But the device for MyText[1] is D431. I need to create the MyText as a String(9). My fundamental challenge came my lack of knowledge. When you create an array of a structured data type you can manually assign devices to each array and they do not have to be sequential. So when I tried the same approach I could not figure out how to get array[1] device to be set to D430. It will automatically be set by offsetting the device for array[0] by the length of the variable (5 in the case above because a string is 2x8 x length, and each register is 16). I am curious why I need it to be 9 not 10, does it start at 0-9 so it is 10. Or is there a disconnect  in the auto assignment of the devices? Normally you don't care where things are stored and you don't want to assign devices. But I am interacting with an HMI and as far as I know it does not use common labels. The FX5U does not do this yet. 
  6. BMOV block1 block2 n using labels & arrays

    I am trying to use labels that assigned to a device rather than that device in the ladder logic. I am able to use the Z1 approach. I am new to Mitsubishi and only have been to one class and still trying to get the hang of things. So yes, I am using the built in recipe functions and scripting. So i get the recipe number into D300 which is assigned to label SelectedRecipe. I use instruction MUL SelectedRecipe K5 Z1. Then use $MOV SelectedName D420Z1. This works. SelectedRecipe is a value between 1 and 12, I want it stored first at D425 so I use D420 + 5*index. Now is there a way to make D420Z1 a label like myAddress(Index) not myValue(index). I want it stored at a location defined by myAddress(Index) or the device assigned to it. I do appreciate the assistance. You have provided me with several new ideas that I can implement.
  7. BMOV block1 block2 n using labels & arrays

    I am using a FX5U, GS2107, GXWorks3, GTDesigner3. I am using recipes with my string in device D300. As part of the recipe selection, I have a separate screen that list's these recipes. I have to fill this screen. So what I can do is select recipe 1 and copy D300 to D425. Load next recipe, copy D300 to D430. Each copy location is increased by 5. The challenge is having the label[index] pointing to my HMI device D425, D430, D435 based on the value of index. How to you assign devices to an array?
  8. I am trying to use arrays in the ladder command BMOV and want it assigned to devices. What I want is a string is stored on my HMI at D300 and it is 12 characters so it is really at D300, D301, D302, D303, D304. I can use DMOVE D300 D425 K5 and it will move the string. But I want to do it for a recipe where I cycle through all twelve recipes and get BMOV D300 D425 K5, then BMOVE D300 D430 D5, then BMOVE D300 D435 D5, etc. I have attempted everthing. The problem is when I try to do BMOV myString myList[Index] K5. I have to create a data type that is used by myList so I can have each entry assigned do D425, D430 etc. Any thoughts or hints.