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  1. TWO SRM1 connected by RS232

    Thanks, I found it as you mentioned exactly.  
  2. TWO SRM1 connected by RS232

    Dear gtsuport Thanks for your reply Could you please advice me what should I read or follow to upload the D memory and Setting! , I am good user for Siemens but for Omron very new  
  3. TWO SRM1 connected by RS232

    Hi Dears I Have two omron plc (SRM1 v2) connected together via RS232, and the (CIF02-232) connected to Omron HMI, as shown in the attached (Pic). If I used CX-Programming as a software tool to upload the installed ladder diagram in both plc's, does the program will uploaded from both PLC'S or I need to configure other things. Thanks in advance