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  1. Arduino to Compactlogix communications

    I did work on the Arduino and was able to get the data converted and transmitted as a serial write command to another raspberry pi as a test case replicating the PLC. Now my plan is to buy the serial to Ethernet/IP converter which costs like $800 - 900 which would do transmission and reception so, I can write the code for the arduino to read the serial data from PLC and send the respective indicator value upon request. I will keep you posted if this works. In the mean while please let me know if you see any flags in my idea.   Thank you Vivek Pillarisetty 
  2. Arduino to Compactlogix communications

    Hello, I am looking for a solution to the same problem, I have a mitutoyo indicator that reads a measurement and sends it in the form of a serial data output. I have the code and schematics to connect it the arduino and I want to send this data to the compactlogix L33ER PLC. Can you let me know if you found any way of doing this.   Thank you Vivek Pillarisetty