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  1. Hi Speed counter reset on CPM1A

    After I read again the manual for CPM1A, I found that the hi speed counter is reset to "0" when power is turned "ON" and when operation begin. (CQM1/CPM1/CPM1A/SRM1 PROGRAMMING MANUAL page 80). I decide to perform manual home position additional program as for easier way, safe, and avoid "inertia issue" when power cut off. Looks this will solve my problem. Thanks for all your help guys,
  2. Hi Speed counter reset on CPM1A

    I try to put delay timer to delay the instruction to copy the SR248 to DM0010, and try to copy back the value DM0010 to SR248, but it cant, because the SR248 cant be "written" by move command. here is the STL LD 253.13 OUT TR0 AND TIM001 MOV 248 DM0010 ....(delay copy SR248 to DM0010 by tim1) LD TR0 TIM 001 #0050 TIM 002 #0010 AND TIM002 @MOV DM0010 248 (copy DM10 to SR248 before T1 "on") <<=== not work ! aside, I also open the wiring of input 00.02 hardware, even I remove from the program (no hardware reset), but still no work for me. I m still keep trying now. Ty
  3. Hi Speed counter reset on CPM1A

    Hi, I just started my project using Omron CPM1A to control "position". I used one AB phase encoder to read the position. I ve problem when power up or cpu change from program to Run position as the value of Hi Speed encoder value (on SR248) was reset to "0". So I have to manually bring to home position. Do anyone know the "trick" to restore the Hi Speed counter value after power up? Below is the listing program in STL : LD 253.13 MOV 248 DM0010 (copy the HSpeed PV to DM0010) LD 000.02 OUT 252.00 (HiSpeed counter reset) LD 253.13 BCMP DM0010 DM0100 011 (block compare , to direct drive output in word 011) ..... TY
  4. cpm1a 30 cdr

    You should provide additional Analog input and analog output if you want to control the speed. Of cource you also should have DC Drive motor for it. But if you only need to start/ stop the motor and speed controlled by the DC drive, this just seems as a simple program. please specify your "control" means.
  5. High speed counter cpm1a

    Good tuorial on it. But that is using CX Programmer. I dont have CXP, I only have Syswin 3.4. I 'll try soon, hope should be no any problem using syswin 3.4 on my simulator CPM1A.
  6. CQM1 CPU

    He was talking about CQM1. CQM1 is equipped with built in RS232. You can connected directly to the CPU without CQM1-CF01 adapter. You can buy the RS 232 cable, its common cable. or you can make by your self, many threads showing how to make this cable (pin arrangement).
  7. High speed counter cpm1a

    I plan to change my old PLC C40K with new model CPM1A. I have problem when I want to write the instruction for the High speed counter command for electronic cam switch connected to a 24 Vdc encoder. The CPU C40K using command high drum counter HDM(61). What is the instruction used by CPM1A to change this HDM isntruction? give me simple ladder diagram, as well i can read the data counting up down, is enough for me. thanx.
  8. Omron SYSMAC C28K PLC

    Yes, U can use this prog console or syswin3.4 . But U still need interface/adapter as the port connection is slightly different. Sorry, I forget the terminal adapter order number for it . Any one know, pls posted.
  9. I'm new in using the Mitsu GX Developer. Unfortunetly the GX Dev I have is the japanese version, The OS I use is Windows XP Japanese. Cos My laptop was originally coming from the Machine vendor from Japan. Does any menu for choosingthe language in GX Developer. Using this makes me crazy.. thanks