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  1. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    First in First works. If Y0-Y7 are on then Y10 or Y20 will not activate. Y0-Y7 stays on.    
  2. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    Hi Kaare_t, quote "So if I understand you correctly, you can switch on 0-7 OR 10-17 OR 20-27, but not several "batches" at once? " Yes that is correct.
  3. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    Hi Inntele, Thanks for your input, I checked those m contacts all zero and all registers read normal. I guess I will eventually find out the cause. Reference Mitsubishi manual JY992D66301H  aka FX2 hardware manual.
  4. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    Yes the unit may be faulty but apart from the output problem it works fine. Ok I have been reading the manual and going through M points and D registers and can still find no indication of error. However the physical manifestation appeared last night and here is what happens. I attempt to use logic to switch outputs on and everything  is fine until I try to exceed Y7. I can switch outputs Y10 to Y17 or Y20 to Y27 but only any given 8 outputs at one time. Do you know the correct parameter settings for this model? This is not my first time with a PLC I have a few of them and wrote my first PLC program in 1986 (Instruction code).
  5. PLC Law

    maybe the correct peripherals too.
  6. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    Thank you Ron_S Yes I have done that and the PLC says no errors? I am using GX Developer ver 8 something. I have looked through several manuals and tried resetting M9011 all to no avail.    
  7. Error Clearing FX2n48MT

    Hello People, (first post newbie here) I purchased a secondhand FX2n48MT and I have cleared the memory and the error light appears to be latched on in a special latch and register. I can read and write programs to and from the plc and the plc is running the programs. Any ideas on how to clear the error?