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  1. I'm making the PID controller tuning FB58 function. But i got a problem with FB58, i don't understand why this process value (PV_IN) don't change automatically (icrease or reduce) when i set it one value. I think that when the PV_IN change automatically , then it will get the P,I,D parameter for me. Is that right ? I watched this video and i could not get it work. Pls, can anyone give me an example about this function ? Please see my attachment.
  2. So, summary : 1 Groups contain 1 data type, e.x Coil data type. For example : inside 1 Coil data type Group, it can contains maximum 2048 blocks. And inside 1 block contains 16 coils. If i use WORD, it will be 1 WORD. Right ?
  3. Thank you very much, i forgot that X & Y only keep address from 0 - 7, not 8...I understood. But, as you said : For 1 word contain 16 bits that means 4 digits that means 5H(4 bit) and 002H(12 bit) when combined it will be H5002 <=== So, 002H is block size ? That mean when i convert 002H from Hexa to Int, it will be 2. And 2 is block size ?. For the Holding Registers : these Holding Registers use 16 bit to represent ?
  4. Thank you for comment. I'm new to Modbus Mapping, and i have not see any error when programming. Everything is working fine. But i don't really understand about PLC Mapping of Mitsu FX. So i want to ask you clearly.
  5. I'm working on PLC FX3U Modbus, i have several question that i don't really understand : 1. I wonder : Is the Coil is a block, the Inputs is a block and the Input Registers is a block only ? So the Modbus Memory Area has 4 block only (Coil, Input Registers, Input, Holding Registers) or One of them (e.x the Coil) has much blocks ? 2. Why in the Modbus manual they write Device code next to Size, and Size next to Head Device? Is the Head Device (D8471) first device of the block or something ? (Picture 2, Picture 5) 2. In the third & fourth picture : Section 9.4.2 shows that the Device Code of D8470 has 4 bits, is it for the Device Code as 5H, CH, 0H in the MOV command? (Picture 3) 3. In the PLC Mapping column (Picture 3), D8470 is mapped from X0 -> X37. That's up to 38 bits, but the block size (D8470) is only 12 bits, with 2 Word. How does the D8470 contains from X0 -> X37 (38 values).   Please explain to help me, thanks.