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  1. Communicating a omron nj101 with a SLC 5/04

    Thanks greg I jumped the wires use said to focus on those pins. No I have not been able to display any value in hyperterminal. As far as which protocol I am using NT Link on the Omron side of things. When using this protocol I get the value 255 in every address in the 1746-bas input buffer but cant read any of the specific data I am trying to send. If I use any other protocol (Host Link,Sysway etc) I get 0 in the input buffer of the 1746-bas. I have set up the communication settings the same for both serial ports (baud rate, parity etc) but doesn't seem to make any difference. Regards, Sean
  2. Communicating a omron nj101 with a SLC 5/04

    Thank you for responding gcl I'm using a Omron serial cable and the pinout is. BAS     SCU 2   ----   2 3   ----   3 4   ----   7 5   ----   9 6   ----   8 7   ----   5 8   ----   4 So the pin 5 of the bas should be connected to the pin 9 of the scu.  
  3. Afternoon all, I am trying to transfer data from a nj101 omron plc to a slc 5/04 using rs232. I have a CJ1W-SCU22 serial module on the nj side connected to a 1746-BAS module on the slc side. I have connected and programmed to the 1756-bas using hyperterminal but no matter what command I use I cant extract the specified data from the nj101. I have not been able to find any examples of this online and was wondering if somebody could give me some tips or point me in the direction of any manuals or examples I should use. Thank you