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  1. Technology Module TM_Count 2x24V

    Hi , Maybe so cause the bit which tells when the device is ready never ON, and there is no way to simulate the pulse signal in hardware gate. I will wait a little bit and hope if someone had actually did it , may came and help. Best regards,
  2. Technology Module TM_Count 2x24V

    Hi ,  Am working with the Technology Module TM Count on S7-1500 but then run into some basic trouble but can't find any information about the problems so am here to ask for help. My problems are :   -  Can't quite get the  "StatusHW" bit to TRUE ( I thought setting up all parameter will turn this bit ON but no, I also check with the Siemens example but their example didn't work neith - How can I simulate the  single Pulse (A) for this TM Module because I don't have the actual module with me @@.   - Do Pulse (A) that feed to the Module have Address because I saw in the manual there are 2 channel to wiring the Pulse.  Am still new to this so hope you guys can help me through this rough start.  Thanks for reading! Best regards,
  3. Convert V12sp1 To V14Sp1

    Hi @Joe E., Your convert file work so well for me. I was able to upgrade it into V14sp1. Thanks for your big of help there, am very appreciate your help !!! God bless you my friend. Best regards,
  4. Main Program of CPU Q-Series memory

    Thanks for the replied @waynes, Working with Mitsubishi for a short time then I realized that Mitsu don't have the big fourm and demo examples of its own compare to Siemens. You guys know any site that have a big size of Example and guide for Mitsu ( not that is bad but I want to learn more you know T^T ).  Big thanks from me again! Hope you have a nice days and keep this up. Best regards,
  5. Main Program of CPU Q-Series memory

    Hi @Wasan, Thanks for your quick reply. Sadly, I already got the CPU for the project based on the Maximum I/O. So I will stick with the CPU and finding solutions for this problem. So only SD card can increase the Main Program @@. If all the program was written in LAD , would have had any effects ?? I do see the memory decrease when using  LAD style when trying to reduce the total size. Best regards, 
  6. Main Program of CPU Q-Series memory

    Dear all, Am currently having problem with the Main program memory of  Q-CPU series ( Q03UDV). The problem is my Main program total weight about 250,000 bytes but my PLC capacity just only 115,344 bytes.  Am asking for the solution here to reduce the Main program because I use FB which wrote in SCL. Do I need to change all my program into LAD to be able to meet the capacity of the PLC or the is other ways to solve this problem. If not about the software, are there any memory card or module or something that can help extend the Capacity ?? Thanks for reading. Best regards, 
  7. Convert V12sp1 To V14Sp1

    Dear all, I would like to open an example from Siemens Forum but unfortunately the project was edited in V12Sp1. Can I ask for help to convert it into V13Sp1 using  TIA PORTAL V13Sp1 then I can convert to V14Sp1 using the converted project in V13Sp1. Thanks for the help. Best regards,