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  1. Hi! We are thinking to build an "alert system" to our factory by using iQ-F FX5 PLCs and HMI screens in locations where needed. All connected via ethernet since we have wiring for that in many places already. Might not be the best option available, but these PLCs are pretty cheap, familiar, scalable (we don't know yet how many I/Os, analog inputs, temperature sensors etc. are needed) and small enough. The plan was to use maybe just 5 PLCs to start with and then add more when needed. I think we need one master PLC to communicate with HMIs to "hold everything together". :) But found some "problems": There seems to be a limitation on the number of input/output points and it's "up to 384 points" in remote points (according to FX5 Hardware User's Manual). But those "points" are for CC-Link/AnyWireASLINK, so I don't know if that "affects" ethernet systems too? CC-Link IE? But there is max. 8 stations/connections limit for one FX5 master... Can this (or these) be avoided by using iQ-R PLC as a master PLC? RJ71EN71 ethernet module says "128 connections (connections usable on a program)" (64/ethernet-port). And I didn't find that kind of limitation in input/output points with iQ-R...  Is there some other thoughts & limitations we should consider? When we will hit the roof with this kind of system? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I think SLMP is ok, but haven't really checked other options...  That FX5-CCLIEF about doubles the price of FX5, so would like to use plain PLCs... :) Well, maybe we will just start with some FX5s and try to solve problems when they appear.. :P For now, it's only planned to have "one-way-connection" so FX5s are just inputs.. and I think this will be just auxilary system to get alarms where they are needed, some buzzer screaming in the factory hall doesn't "always" tell what's the problem and where. So not very critical system, but really helpful if we can get everything to work as expected.  
  3. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    Ok, nice to know..   I have 1.047Z and since I divided program to several Program Pous, it seems to work better now. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi, Any idea what are cause for this message: Even simple change like a new Global Label might triggers this. Have used FX5 over 2 years and usually this start to appear after >10000 steps in the program, but in the newest project I get it from almost any minor change and it has less than 5000 steps... Any suggestions how to avoid this? It's getting annoying.. :)
  5. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    Description in 1.101 & 1.102 firmwares says "CPU serial 17X0001 or higher" and mine is 1660420 so skipped those.  Global label is 3896 and MAIN program 48564 bytes, so shouldn't be a problem. It's pretty odd that sometimes it handles a lot of changes, but sometimes fails at simple changes. Like.. adding OR-block with 2 labels (that already exists) without connecting OR to anything. And sometimes it works when adding more complex edit like several AND, SET, RST, MOV, comparisons and many labels. I have tried several thing to find what is causing it, but still no idea since sometimes (too often) it fails with simple changes... :) Maybe will still try to divide program to smaller pieces. Thanks for the help!
  6. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    Updated to 1.065, didn't help.. 
  7. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    1.030, maybe will try to update..