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  1. Hi, Any idea what are cause for this message: Even simple change like a new Global Label might triggers this. Have used FX5 over 2 years and usually this start to appear after >10000 steps in the program, but in the newest project I get it from almost any minor change and it has less than 5000 steps... Any suggestions how to avoid this? It's getting annoying.. :)
  2. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    Description in 1.101 & 1.102 firmwares says "CPU serial 17X0001 or higher" and mine is 1660420 so skipped those.  Global label is 3896 and MAIN program 48564 bytes, so shouldn't be a problem. It's pretty odd that sometimes it handles a lot of changes, but sometimes fails at simple changes. Like.. adding OR-block with 2 labels (that already exists) without connecting OR to anything. And sometimes it works when adding more complex edit like several AND, SET, RST, MOV, comparisons and many labels. I have tried several thing to find what is causing it, but still no idea since sometimes (too often) it fails with simple changes... :) Maybe will still try to divide program to smaller pieces. Thanks for the help!
  3. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    Updated to 1.065, didn't help.. 
  4. GX Works 3 - Online Program Change fails

    1.030, maybe will try to update..